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Please come to our store and try the food developed by Michael Vuong,  a man passionate about bringing quality and delicious dishes to you.  With 31 years cooking experience in many award winning restaurants such as Red Ruby, Lemon Grass, Red Rock.

Recipe of the week:


Tom yum is a Delicious Thai soup.  Not only is it tasty, but the herbs and spices in the soup have great medicinal properties.  I love good that tastes great but is also healthy for you. It has so many herbs infused into great balance fresh aroma that is such a wonderful celebration of Thai food.  Let’s start cooking!

Here’s my recipe of the month:
Quick and easy Fresh warm Tom Yum soup with basil & galangal
What you need:
  • -2 chicken bones
  • -2cm of galangal
  • -3 lime leaves
  • -fish sauce
  • -meat or seafood
  • -salt
  • -sugar
  • -basil leaf, spring onions, chilli


  1. Prepare a stock of warm chicken stock in a 10L pot or larger
  2. Place lime leaf, galangal, 2 chicken bones, boil for 30 minutes
  3. remove the lemon grass and lime leaf, galangal
  4. Add 5 table spoons of tom yum past
  5. Season with 4 table spoons fish sauce, salt and 4 table spoons sugar
  6. Place in your favourite meat or seafood in the stock for 1 minute or until cooked
  7. add your favourite veges until cooked
  8. place soup and meat into you bowl
  9. add 3 basil leaves when serving per bowl of soup

Bon ape-tit, your warm tom yum soup is ready to devour

HINT: add lime juice for a nice aroma, chopped spring onions, fresh chopped chilli for added spice.

Healthy Natural Ginger, Green Tea  & natural honey

I love this combination of fragrant herbs.  Not only is it good for you, but it tastes great without the guilt factor!

What you need:

2 cm of ginger, chopped into quarters

1 teaspoon of good quality green tea

2 teaspoons of natural honey

Place all this into a 300ml cup and warm, but not boiling water, leave for 5 minutes and drink.  After finishing, you can place more warm water in and 2 more teaspoons of honey.  After 3 rounds, the tea can be disposed of.

I find this drink great on any day, whether from feeling tired or normal, this tea is really good to boost your energy.